Pleiadian Passport to Earth

The Multidimensional Pleiadian Project

Travel with us virtually to the Pleiades via the Mount Shasta portal

Dr. Mary Kennedy, Ph.D.

Dr. Mary Kennedy, Ph.D.

After years of practice and study, Mary is sharing the knowledge and tips she has learnt for living a joyful and healthy life. Rapidly learn tips and skills that have taken her years to find and implement; as well as understanding what approaches many think work but often don’t (and why). She has a gift for explaining information in a way that makes it fun and easy to use. Her studies have been broad, and range from gemstones, joy, mindfulness and Reiki to more traditional yet advanced systems of psychology and biology. She has an uncanny knack for sensing and revealing patterns, whether it is in a private or group coaching situation or when sharing information in a course.

Her most recent interests have included exploring the interaction between mind, brain and body. Also, the movement and outplay of the conscious and unconscious in life, and more importantly how this information can be used to uncover new levels of freedom and well-being. She currently hosts courses with Dr Todd Ovokaitys in San Diego which include: BioReprogramming®, Biological Decoding, and Dental Decoding through her company Mind Body Logic. She loves to share information, and is thrilled to have been granted permission by Enrique Bouron to teach Biological Decoding levels 1 and 2. She keeps busy with her many roles, assisting with Gematria Products and Pineal Tones while building her own body of work. This work shares the mysteries of mind-body logic about sharing master keys of the human blueprint to unlock well-being and conscious human evolution with those who seek solutions through applied action. Look for an expansion of her courses online and in person.

Mary has spent years studying and honing her skills surrounding human development, healing arts and psychology, in both traditional school and beyond. She believes life-long learning is a key to longevity and happiness. She enjoys many facets of yoga, walking on the beach, mindfulness, her sphinx kitties, research, and cooking daringly complex delights in her spare time.


Due to covid restrictions we won’t be – this was once a live event may have kept us from having our regular live event so we’ll go directly to the pleiades Same great speakers Same great experience from the convenience of your laptop