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Michelle Karén

Michelle Karén

A member of the International Kryon team, you may know Michelle Karen from her insightful readings on stage, which are sought by her clients in more than 57 countries across five continents. In 2009, Kryon channelled that she was “a Master Astrologer who reads the Akash directly and the first one to bring Quantum Astrology to this planet.”

Did you know that Michelle became an astrologer at the young age of 14? She is the author of 8 books on astrology, living food nutrition, yoga, and spiritual novels. She has been the guest of many prestigious radio and television shows around the world and was selected to be the exclusive astrologer to the Stars at the 78th Academy Awards in Hollywood.

Honored by the Hopi medicine men of Arizona, she is also a Shaman, initiated in Finland and in the mountains of Peru by the Q’ero Master Shamans, direct descendants of the Inkas. Michelle leads workshops and ceremonies around the world and lives in Arizona and Finland.


Due to covid restrictions we won’t be – this was once a live event may have kept us from having our regular live event so we’ll go directly to the pleiades Same great speakers Same great experience from the convenience of your laptop