Pleiadian Passport to Earth

The Multidimensional Pleiadian Project

Travel with us virtually to the Pleiades via the Mount Shasta portal

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

As an original member of the International Kryon team, you may also recognize Peggy Phoenix Dubro from her extensive work in energy balancing and evolutionary living. In fact, Peggy’s work is practiced and taught in multiple languages in more than 70 countries.

An international speaker, Channel, and teacher with a wide diversity of talents, she is the co-founder of The Energy Extension, Inc. Peggy has created many new modalities to work with the “Universal Calibration Lattice,” a system she discovered within our energy anatomy which assists with personal empowerment.

She has diligently mapped and worked with this Lattice making her the foremost authority in the world regarding its form and function. These modalities are born of her experience of “no beginning and no end” and the energy of Infinite Love.

Peggy’s programs are designed to support your evolution of consciousness in the fast-changing landscape of today’s world. Her newest modality, EMF Energy Balancing Express, is designed to assist individually and collectively with “living energetically aware.”


Due to covid restrictions we won’t be – this was once a live event may have kept us from having our regular live event so we’ll go directly to the pleiades Same great speakers Same great experience from the convenience of your laptop