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Travel with us virtually to the Pleiades via the Mount Shasta portal

Shamir Ladhani

Shamir Ladhani

You may know Shamir Ladhani from his time as a co-facilitator at the Kryon Discovery Events with Lee Carroll and Dr. Amber Wolf. His ability to simplify complex spiritual concepts and inspire participants to experience personal breakthroughs has earned him the praise of many fans.

As an international speaker, workshop facilitator, leadership trainer, and transformational coach, Shamir dedicates his time to helping individuals transform their lives and achieve their personal and professional goals.

He helps CEOs and business owners grow their companies, establish a strategy, enhance their relationships, and create a robust tactical plan. His approach is to first, focus on the individual’s mindset and self-limiting behaviors. Then move on to embodying their purpose, achieving goals and leading others.

Shamir is a two-time award-winning stage actor and a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer (CEQ) as well as a HeartMath® Coach and Trainer. As the host of “Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot,” a 15-minute live group coaching broadcast, he leads people through heart-mind coherence building techniques each week.


Due to covid restrictions we won’t be – this was once a live event may have kept us from having our regular live event so we’ll go directly to the pleiades Same great speakers Same great experience from the convenience of your laptop